Chris Bruns

I read the Warren Buffett quote above one day recently and realized here I am in corporate world with nothing of my own to pass on to my children and grandchildren. Sure I’ve been successful and I’ve managed to save money for retirement but once I “Render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s”  that will only sustain my wife and I. I also realized I’d like to retire sooner rather than later and enjoy more of what God has created.

I’ve always been successful in managing others businesses so I decided I would create a business of my own. I did extensive research. I tried to visualize something that would remain relevant well into the future. Something I could teach my children and grandchildren so they can do more “living of life” than I have due to my responsibilities to work. 

I came to realize the biggest players in today’s society are the Media Outlets who control a great deal of commerce.  Through the use of Internet and Social Media apps the Media Outlets are an integral part in shaping information flow as well as opinions. Their influence can decide how individuals in society interact with each other. 

Curated News, Sports and Beyond provides the perfect platform for me to establish a business with lasting potential and satisfy folks need for information and shopping.  Hopefully by mixing in a little positive and uplifting  content I might also be able to help restore some of the respect for one another and sense of responsibility to ourselves and the world around us that is missing today.